Governance, Risk & Compliance


Our training courses will allow you to acquire certifications for various good governance frameworks such as ISO 37001 Lead Implementer or Lead Auditor (anti-bribery management system), ISO 31000 Lead Risk Manager for Enterprise Risk Management and the Certified Data Protection Officer (CDPO) to ensure the control of the compliance with the GDPR. For auditors, the CISA (certified information systems auditor) course prepares for a globally recognized certification.

Experienced professionals will share their expertise with you and give you practical know-how for the success of your projects.


Governance, risk management and compliance are three related practices that help ensure an organisation reliably achieves objectives, addresses uncertainty and acts with integrity.

Governance is the efficient combination of processes established and executed by management in order to achieve organisational goals. Risk management is predicting and managing risks that could hinder an organisation from reliably achieving its objectives under uncertainty. And Compliance refers to adhering with the mandated boundaries (laws and regulations) and voluntary boundaries (company’s policies, standards, etc.).