Our training courses will allow you to acquire various certifications in Cyber and cloud security, such as the Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP®) exam bootcamp, ISO 27032 Lead Cybersecurity Manager, ISO 27034 Lead Application Security Manager, ISO 27035 Lead Incident Manager or specialized course (Lead Pen Test Professional or Cybersecurity audit).

Experienced professionals will share their expertise with you and give you practical know-how for the success of your projects.


Cybersecurity refers to the collection of laws, regulations, policies, tools, concepts, mechanisms, methods, measures, good practices, trainings and technologies that can be used by States and businesses using the internet to protect their tangible and intangible information assets from external attacks. Doing so ensures the protection of users of these information assets. Cybersecurity requires the combination and coordination of multiple disciplines in order to protect information systems such as application security, information security, network security, operational security, disaster recovery as well as the education and awareness of users on the adoption of the basic measures of digital hygiene.

The characteristics of cybersecurity are constantly evolving due to the complexification of networks and the impacts these have on the nature of the threats and the multiplicity of vulnerabilities . Only a proactive approach, involving continuous monitoring and real-time risk assessments can ensure an adaptive and effective security status.