You can select course delivery formats tailored to match your needs.

On site / online training course

Mixed on site & online

Open classroom-based training course

Open classroom

At-your-premises training course


Online virtual classroom interactive training course

Online live interactive

Self-study training course


For all our course formats, our participants receive an electronic copy and (or) a binder with a paper copy of the course material and, for ISO based courses, a copy of the relevant standard, benefiting from our corporate agreement with the ISO Central Secretariat.

Mixed on site & online training course

The unique format of our classroom/remote Training Courses enables participants to join our courses on-site, while fully implementing best practice health and safety measures, alongside others who remotely join in via the latest video conferencing capabilities. Everyone will benefit from an interactive and stimulating experience with peers from around the globe. Cutting edge technology lets us create a unique setting in which participants can engage with each other openly in real-time, regardless of where you live and work.

Joint classroom and remote tuition create a synergy that lets us teach and energize our participants while implementing traditional learning practices such as virtual-break out rooms, white board drawings, chats and polling.

All our training courses are now available in this format.

This new training course format is the result of a carefully calibrated approach that will enable collaborative, interactive and social learning that brings together professionals from around the world. Join us and be engaged!

Please consult our course calendar or contact us for more information..

Open classroom-based training course

You join our open course at predefined dates and locations in our classrooms in Switzerland, Europe, South-East Asia, Middle East, Africa or South America.

Please consult our course calendar or contact us for specific locations and dates.

Our courses are provided by field-experienced practitioners and advisors in small groups of participants in order to encourage discussions and experience sharing.

Our venues are specially designed to foster an optimal learning experience that guarantees our success rates at the exam (don’t hesitate to check figures available for each training course).

At the end of the course, the exam can be taken on-site (pen and paper) or later, either on-line at your convenience or in an authorized test center.

At-your-premises training course

If you and your teammates prefer to use your own facilities, our training team organizes bespoke training courses, case studies and exercises at your premises.

We are mobile, just ask us for a certifying course, a date and a place and our world-class experts and trainers will deliver the training, in your preferred language. Our trainers speak fluently English, French, German, Spanish or Russian.

At the end of the course, the exam can be taken on-site (pen and paper) or later, either on-line at your convenience or in an authorized test center.

Online live interactive training course

If you cannot move or are confined at home by a pandemic, or simply want to save money, just join one of our online virtual classroom interactive courses.

These courses use the latest online meeting tools allowing their delivery at your preferred place, at a pace and a format that respect the best practices in occupational health and safety (frequent breaks, shorter sessions) while permitting all the amenities of classroom workshops: lectures, group exercises, white board drawings, …

At the end of the course, the exam can be taken online at your convenience or in an authorized test center.

Self-study training course

If you are more of a solitary person or cannot allocate the necessary time to join one of our group online or on-site courses, you can opt for our self-paced self-study courses.

All the printed and (or) electronic copies of the course material and the relevant standards will be delivered at the address you will indicate while registering.

The self-paced self-study is the most cost-efficient format and all your questions will be answered during an online Q&A session with the most relevant expert, scheduled at your convenience to get you optimally prepared for the exam. This coaching session can be opted-out if you do not need it.

When you feel ready, you can schedule your online exam.